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Middle seaters

Unsung heroes of the sky?

I’m a little over half way to the West Coast on a jam-packed canister of humanity called an Airbus A-320. I’m nestled snugly between my wife and a stranger who hasn’t removed his ear buds since well before takeoff.

I’ve long known that my better half is an avid connoisseur of elbow room, which nearly always dictates a perch on the aisle. Since I genuinely prefer sitting next to her, my personal love for a window seat does not apply today. My wife’s good company is a more than acceptable trade-off for a slight lack of space to my left. The absence of latitude I’m experiencing to my right is a different story.

Today, I’m an up-close spectator to a carefully choreographed armrest-hogging bout of belligerent napping. I can only imagine that this guy is dreaming of taking up even more space than he is in reality.

What’s worse is the fact that he locked out the window by sliding down the shade right before we took off. Every half hour or so, he’ll wake up and take a quick look out before snapping the visor down and nodding off again. This guy is treating the landscape of the American west like his own personal peep show!

This whole scene has put a bold proposition into my head. What if the intrepid souls who willingly occupy the middle seat got a little something extra for the effort?

I hereby propose double frequent flyer miles for flights “enjoyed” from the middle seat. Who’s with me?


Integrating Social Media Channels

To better demonstrate my commitment to integration among social media channels, all my tweets will be about my blog, and I will only blog about Twitter.
As my followers have come to expect, my Facebook updates will continue to focus on my Pinterest activities.
I will continue to occasionally reference MySpace on Google +, but I doubt if anyone will notice.
Stand by for an Instagram photo of me typing this.

A whole new place to talk about nothing

Although it’s customary that the first blog be about the fact that one has started a new blog, I find the practice to be tedious and unnecessary.

Since it is, in fact, the earliest entry…and this is, in fact, a blog…I think I have achieved the intended effect without actually mentioning that I have started a new blog.

Crap! I think I just mentioned that I had started a new blog without meaning to do so…I may have just done it again.

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